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Real Estate

The Enany Group has extensive experience in property developing sites all over the world. These fall broadly into three categories; leisure & tourism, sport and residential. FAMCO (First Arabian Marketing Company) owned by the Enany Group led a consortium of partners to develop the Four Seasons Hotel and First Residence in Cairo consisting of two multi-story towers of residential apartments and commercial properties. The Group is also renowned for its five star hotels and leisure facilities on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. In Saudi Arabia, Al Enany Machinery Co. Ltd, founded in 1975, has constructed numerous stadiums including the state-of-the-art King Fahad Stadium in Riyadh.

El Salam Real Estate Development Company

based in Maadi, Cairo. The company is a unique residential and commercial complex in the Maadi area in Cairo City along the banks of the Nile

FAMCO (First Arabian Marketing Company) founded in 1984

FAMCO is a leading international real estate development and investment company specializing in the construction of prominent landmark and unique development projects such as the Four Seasons Hotel complex in Cairo, Egypt. FAMCO has offices in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Spain, Cairo and Dubai

Saudi Egyptian Investment & Development Company

is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company with a site in Ain El Soukhna on the Red Sea in Egypt. The site is a five star resort including hotels, commercial areas, residential mix and tourism & sport facilities.

Farida Resort Company

is based in Ain El Soukhna on the Red Sea in Egypt. The company owns a five star resort including hotels, a marina, commercial areas, residential, tourist and sport facilities.

Al Rehab Saudi Egyptian Investment & Real Estate Development Company

based in Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. The company owns a high-end gated community including two hotels, commercial areas, and residences, international school and other facilities.

Al Rehab Saudi Egyptian Company for Industrial Investment

has a site in Damietta, on the Mediterranean Sea. The site comprises an industrial and business park, storage and transportation facilities.

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